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Take back control of your days, set yourself free from the busyness merry-go-round, and rediscover your inner zen. These are the steps that got me started on The Tranquil Path..

The Live Challenge has started...but you can do now this to your own timeframe!

This challenge will help you to....

  • Start each day feeling energised and focussed, so that you get more done, and stop feeling like a failure.
  • Feel much calmer, and less like you're spinning round in circles.
  • Unravel the simple secret behind actually doing those things you keep promising yourself - without feeling guilty about it.

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Delivered daily automagically to your inbox over 11 days (with a break in the middle for a vital pause!); this actionable, achievable free challenge will help you develop the foundations for a more mellow life.

It is designed specifically to take little time, require very little effort - but still have maximum impact.

Say yes - you have nothing to lose but your stress monsters... and your future self will be delighted that you gifted yourself this opportunity.

  • Karen Solloway
    The Zen in Ten Challenge is really life changing. So many brilliant ideas, that can easily become habits, because they are so easy to do/put into practice. Thank you, thank you, thank you Helen, I loved it!
    Karen Solloway
  • Aspasia Holley
    Socrates is to have said " the secret of change is to focus all of your energy not on fighting the old but, on building the new. Looking back on the past ten days I have to say I agree with him. I have learned so much. Some practices were so easy I don't even think about them. Thank you for this beautiful journey. You have literally changed my life! Please love yourself enough to consider this challenge. You are worth your own time and love. It will change so much for you, you will thank yourself for the gift! Say yes!
    Aspasia Holley
  • Lisa Schwartz
    Thank you Helen for these last 10 days. I have really found this useful and will find myself going back for reinforcement of what you have advised. I especially liked the grounded tutorial and have taken to standing and breathing and considering my feet and where I am standing. It's really helped. Thank you again.
    Lisa Schwartz
  • Linda Anderson
    Being guilty of working too hard and playing too little at times, I was looking for simple, practical ways to bring myself back into the moment and create space to 'be' rather than just be 'doing' all the time. Helen provided all of this and more. The daily emails and videos were beautiful to look at, short and sweet, with really clear, easy-to-implement instructions for the day, so there was no real danger of falling behind. The pace was perfect for me and I really appreciated the extra 'pause' days to consolidate. Having the Facebook group as a safe space to share our challenges and 'aha' moments was wonderful - together we are more than the sum of our parts and I found the comments of other participants really inspiring. Plus Helen was always available there for questions and feedback, so during the whole Challenge I felt really safe and supported. The tools and techniques provided are immensely powerful and I'm sure I'll be using them for years to come. Thank you, Helen, for creating such a beautiful, life-changing programme.
    Linda Anderson
  • Zoe King
    Thank you Helen for these life lessons and for being so generous with your time and commitment. I have become aware that my relationship to my stresses had changed markedly since I did Zen inTen. I am far more in control and when overwhelm threatens, as it still does occasionally, I feel I have the tools to cope. Thank You!!!
    Zoe King
  • Melanie Mackie
    My biggest take away from the challenge has been to work on being in my body, which isn't solely my head. I am learning to recognise when I am living in my head and not being in my body and your challenge for this definitely has given me way to get grounded all the way down to my feet. Thank you Helen for your wisdom and valuable insights xxx
    Melanie Mackie
  • Lesley Pyne
    Thanks Helen for 10 wonderful lessons & encouraging us to show up & be honest about what we're finding. I write every day & have been doing more of a brain dump & I start the day with a clearer mind. I used yesterday's technique this morning when meditating & it really helped to keep me focused & gently moving my fingers brought me back when I drifted off. So far my biggest takeaway is that there are a number of small things that I can do which will make a big difference.
    Lesley Pyne

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