I believe that you were born with all the inner wisdom you need to travel your path your way…

– but over time, you’ve forgotten who you truly are, why you’re here, and what you came here to do…

I am here to help you remember… because that’s what I came here to do 🙂

My services are currently being redesigned and optimized to honour my desire to provide you with a simpler, more supported and even more nourishing pathway.

 My new improved and updated SoulGoals pathway will be unveiled on 26 May 2017…

..until then, please sign up and get access to the insider library so that you are first to hear more.

It’s time to do things differently. Time for a #peacefulrebellion*

* Loud ones need not apply.

Helen Rebello is a heart centred soul, offering the gentlest, deepest, most life-shifting work, who has helped me (and continues to help me) so much. There must be loads of peeps out there that could benefit, like I have, from walking with her along the Tranquil Path.

Jan Holden

Co-Facilitator & Mentor, I Eat What I Need


This page may cause feelings of excitement, joy and anticipation. 

Side effects may include fulfillment, liberation and calm. Please only stay on this site if you are happy to consider the possibility that you are not only entitled to build a business and life you love, designed around who you came here to be… but also that it can be done without striving, pushing and bending yourself to fit in.