I so enjoyed working with you and you have fulfilled my every expectation, your work was exactly what I needed. I can see and feel the benefits every day in my life. I’m so much more relaxed and my fears are not taking control over my life. They have transformed into trust, and it’s the trust which is leading my life.

Your work shifted things deep inside of me – and if someone is stuck on her personal journey, feeling like they’re moving in circles, your Sanctuary Space is the perfect place for restoration, healing and change of direction in life.

Vendulka Battais

Artist, Blogger, Creative Soul, Oliven

This is great! I have always been a multitasking maniac. As I grow older I find I need to make lists to “remember” everything. But, listening to your video and reading the blog I had an “a ha” moment. My brain isn’t functioning well because I’m not using it well. There’s a saying in the hospitality industry… ‘They may not notice if you don’t but, they’ll always notice if you do’. It’s just little extra things you do that make someone smile and notice. This journey with you is like that for my brain. So easy, simple, small shifts. Yet, so completely effective! My brain feels like a whippersnapper again! I look forward to continuing this journey. Thank you Helen. This is wonderful! (on the #ZenInTen Challenge).

Aspasia Holley

Universe Explorer

I signed up for a series of ‘soul coaching’ sanctuary sessions with Helen. These times were tranquil watering holes for me, that punctuated my normal working routine and provided the space for me to be still and re-connect with myself.

I’d recommend Helen’s services to individuals who are looking for a space simply to ‘be’ and re-connect with themselves at a deeper level. Helen has a very unique and special way of working. Hugely open-hearted, warm, accepting and deeply intuitive in the way in which she works.

Viv Grant

Author, Speaker, Executive Coach & Company Director, Integrity Coaching

Helen is such a calming presence, both face-to-face and over Skype. She asks the right questions to stimulate your deeper thoughts and provides the space for you to think and find answers. I felt calmed, supported and understood during my session with her. I got so much more done thanks to our conversation. Helen helped me to use my time more effectively.

Pat Duckworth

Author & Cognitive Hypnotherapist, Pat Duckworth Hypnotherapy

The SOS sanctuary course has helped me find some peace during my day-to-day life in what has been a very traumatic and testing period of my life. It has also given me the tools to take care of my own needs as a priority which in turn has helped me to interact with others calmly and deliberately and is helping me to sleep better at night.

The meditations were all fabulous and I know I will refer back to them time and time again – having slightly different purposes means there is plenty to chose from depending on where I am on the day and my needs in the moment. I recommend this course to others regardless if they are currently stressed out or not. It gives you great tools and teaches practical aspects and is beautifully put together to make positive changes immediately.

It truly is a sanctuary and Helen is really calm in her approach, so I felt safe and nurtured.

Melanie Mackie

Social Stylist, Writer & Speaker, Scarletta Media

Helen is a provider of a safe haven, where you can totally let go, and let yourself benefit from her expertise and knowledge. She is like balm for the soul.

Emily Nightingale

Veterinary Surgeon

Big thanks for a wonderful, nourishing and powerful Cranio-Sacral Therapy session and time spent together. Magic! Highly recommend!

Carl Rodrigues

Life, Career & Business Coach

I am immensely grateful and hugely appreciative of the time we spent together and the wonderfully sensitive and unconditional space you held for me.  My very first experience of CST was incredibly powerful and magical and you are certainly at the top of my list if I need help again.

I am feeling good!

Shirley Climpson

Holistic Therapist

You give me clarity! You make the clouds in my otherwise foggy brain, part and let the light in. You heal my pain and clear my head. You make me calm in an otherwise anxious life!

Emily Sawtell


In a nutshell I think that coming to see you helps balance out my body and helps me to relax and let go of everything. It helps get rid of all the pent up worries & frustrations & tensions of everyday life and helps restore my energy and peace of mind.

Emma L


I have been seeing Helen for Shiatsu and more recently for Craniosacral therapy for a few years now and it benefits me in so many positive ways, it’s something I can’t see myself living without.

It’s such a pleasure to attend sessions in Helen’s welcoming home, her beaming smile and listening ear is the perfect antidote and then there’s the treatment itself! Despite how much pressure I am under at the time or what’s going on in my life, Shiatsu never fails to ground me and I sink into ‘the zone’ naturally and surrender to this truly wonderful treatment, and a big part of that is because Helen is so fabulous at what she does.

Shiatsu is the only thing that can make me truly relax and switch off which is imperative in this day and age. I leave each time feeling relaxed, in mind, body and soul. On the other hand, it never ceases to amaze me that such a gentle subtle practice can alleviate physical aches and pains too. I have experienced lower back pain and coccyx pain for a number of years and Shiatsu and Craniosacral definitely eases the pressure, enabling my body to truly relax and heal from the inside out, which is the best medicine. I’m always counting down the days until my next session!

Katrine Isaac

After being plagued for months by a shoulder injury that left me with chronic pain, little strength or movement in my right arm I was recommended to visit Helen. I had never heard of Shiatsu but was willing to give anything a try. I was advised to have fortnightly visits as the injury was severe. Within a few visits I was starting to feel the benefits.

The strength was gradually returning and so was the movement. I am now almost pain free with the very odd bad day which I attribute to my own stupidity in doing too much. I can’t thank Helen and Shiatsu enough for “sorting” me out.I can’t see my self not coming over to you. You have healed a rather battered and broken body more than I could ever have imagined, All those years ago when I was at the end of my tether, you took me on and I will be eternally grateful. Thank you, you are an incredible person, not only as a healer but as a friend too. ps love the funky leggings xx

Would I recommend Shiatsu to anyone? ABSOLUTELY and without hesitation.

Bruce Luck

Helen Rebello is simply, a magician. Thanks to her intuitive therapy I feel much more relaxed and grounded, more able to ‘get out of my head’ and more at home in myself. She has gently and gracefully assisted me to connect with me in a way that I never have before and which is deeper and more wonderful than I ever imagined. Helen, I can’t thank you enough.

Lesley Pyne

Professional Trainer and Coach for childless women, lesleypyne.co.uk

I absolutely loved your SOS course!  Thank you so much for the fab videos (great to see your smiling face – just makes the possibility of finding that tranquil space reassuringly more possible) and your rock solid guidance, which I am so grateful for.   I loved the fact they were relatively short too – just the right length to seem achievable  – you provided such invaluable tools which are worth their weight in gold – need you to know that!

I loved the self inquiries you led us through – thought provoking questions to which I journaled answers and I’m finding I’m already returning to these as my energy shifts, so really helpful thank you. You asked me to sum up in one word the feeling of the biggest insight I gained from the course – mine is definitely ‘liberated’ 🙂

Shirley Climpson

The SeaShack

Thanks for being the most amazing mentor for me. In the midst of the storm of my life you held me and I will never forget that.  My path is very different to the one I was on when we met and you have played a huge part in that.  Love and light and a lifetime of gratitude Helen.

Lynn Palmer

Cranio-Sacral Therapist and Yoga Teacher, Website coming soon!

I can’t recommend and thank Helen enough. She totally turned things around for me, by empowering me to empower myself again just when I had lost faith in me! I am still on my journey, but a healthier, happier one 🙂 Thank you Helen x

- KS -

I wasn’t sure what to expect, and have really enjoyed being talked through new meditation techniques. They really worked for me and I found I could really block out all the other chatter in my head and wandering thoughts. I think they were awesome. I really enjoyed the feeling of connection with others all joining in at the same time too.

Ali Hopkins


Thank you so much for including me in the Thursday yoga class. I am really enjoying it and the informal and serene atmosphere is really lovely. I’m slowly learning to tame my competitive side and just listen to what my body needs and wants 🙂

Cathryn-Ann Spalding

Complementary Health Practitioner, Catch A Falling Star

Dearest Helen…. I’m fully sparkled… yeah!!! What a fantastic course and what a tool kit!! I’m feeling peaceful as a result of sparkles. I’ve enjoyed every sparkle challenge and I sense a really magical quality about it. Simply wonderful. Very inspiring. A thousand thank yous for sharing your wisdom light and love xx

Meg Lyon

Teacher and Reiki Practitioner extraordinaire (on my Rekindle Your Sparkle course)

I loved your class again. Just being in your company is nourishing and the yoga is beautiful and beautifully taught.

Andy Butterfield

Shiatsu Practitioner, Yoga & Meditation teacher

Helen has helped me over a number of years, undertaking both shiatsu and craniosacral work on my system.

She’s amazing! Helen really knows her stuff and has a very personable but highly professional manner which means she also extracts what she needs to from you for her to really work her magic.

Helen always manages to ensure I leave feeling more relaxed, balanced and energised. I can’t praise her highly enough.

Claire Salter

Legal Recruitment Consultant

I fell upon Shiatsu completely by chance having researched online for holistic therapies recommended during pregnancy. Fortunately I found a local practitioner – Helen, who offered me plenty of time and reassurance to ensure it was beneficial for my baby and me. Helen proved her knowledge and expertise in the field, whilst being a wonderfully high spirited and ‘happy’ lady who connects her wellbeing through to you in reams. 18 months later, and after the birth of my third child I am still overwhelmed by how much I’ve benefited both physically as well as emotionally from our Shiatsu sessions.

Shiatsu is a wonderful thing and an experience I’ve recommended to many others since learning of it. I definitely have the Shiatsu bug!

Yvette Farrand

I have had fairly severe scoliosis for nearly 40 years and although I don’t let it stop me doing anything my back pain has definitely worsened over the years and I am finding it more difficult to straighten up. My sister bought me a couple of shiatsu vouchers for my birthday and I was a little sceptical to try it at first, partly embarrassed about my shape and also worried that I may not be able to lie for an hour.

However, I needn’t have worried as the mats that Helen uses are so comfortable and her magic hands eased my back pain so much that I felt like I was melting into the mats. I have since been going every few weeks and now realise that I am far more mobile and with far less pain.

I intend to continue with my shiatsu sessions and would have no hesitation in recommending that anyone should “give it a go”, even if just for the pure relaxation of the whole experience. It is a great experience and I haven’t even thought about my back recently.

Anne Jennings

Just read your ebook and wanted to say thank you for your generous gift. I loved your words and inspiring affirmations. It was my gift to me this morning and it was a great way to start the day. You are doing so much good… I loved your take on the miracle we are…. I love your use of fingerprint to describe our uniqueness. Thank you for the feel good knowledge that is now a part of me.

Sylvie A. Savoie

After a recommendation from a colleague, I became a Shiatsu convert from my very first treatment for severe migraine. It has had such a profound effect on both my body and mind and my migraines definitely became fewer and seemed less intense.

I personally became much calmer and less stressed when dealing with an attack as Helen gave me very practical advice on how to manage them.  I have since recommended Shiatsu to so many people and those who have tried it have been equally impressed. I cannot thank Helen enough for all of the help she has given me over the past 18+ months.

Vanessa Williams