Six Steps to Finding Stillness in a Spinning World

I know, I know, it’s been a while... but I’m here now and I have a feeling you’ll find what I have to share with you useful.....  ....because I've listened to how chaotic you tell me your world feels - and witnessed how pulled you’ve been by all The Stuff. (Yes I Am...

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What A Soup Carton Taught Me About The Power of Meditation

I would imagine that.... most people striving to balance life and work in the 21st century, you’re a fully signed up member of the whirry-head club - a club that you once believed (many moons ago), was a place only for busy CEO’s and exectives. A club you...

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The Simple Secret Sauce that Turns Your Dreams to Reality

Beautiful soul, I’ve seen you drift off to far-away-dreamed-of places, and I’ve noticed that misty look in your eyes when someone mentions the word freedom... I’ve witnessed your occasional sadness at the what-might-have-beens, and felt the thud of your dreams landing...

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Dreaming of Your Best Year Yet? Why Getting Quiet Will Help…

My heart cannot bear to hear or see you talk to yourself as though you are somehow not worthy, or that you are not entitled to feel downright proud of who you are – because my heart sees the bright, beautiful light in you – and frankly, it isn’t interested in focusing on anything else when it sees that light being hidden or ignored – it is too pretty and sparkly to not be seen. Make this year the one where you let your light shine by getting quiet, listening to your heart and being your own gentle guide. Your congruent growth is guaranteed…

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How to Flow through Fear to Return to your Soul Home

Connecting with your soul sounds so beautiful doesn't it? So beautiful. So simple. And yet this seemingly simple concept has multiple facets, offering potential, promise and excitement, but also trepidation, resistance and fear. These emotions aren't good or bad,...

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How to Overcome Resistance to Change….

Generally speaking, only two things will change your life – something will either change externally, or something will change internally. It is completely natural to be thrown when your world suddenly does a 180 degree turn without notice, when you are contemplating trying new things or changing your life. This post will give you the ability to deal better with unforeseen changes, and also make you far less afraid of creating your own positive ones. Bring on your new improved life!

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I am a happy shiny soul who has walked a challenging path and come out the other side stronger and wiser. I’ve learned how to listen to the song of the soul, and I want nothing more than to help other women do the same, so that they live a beautiful, fulfilled life that serves them best.

Kind Words

"Helen is a provider of a safe haven, where you can totally let go, and let yourself benefit from her expertise and knowledge. She is like balm for the soul."

Emily Nightingale Veterinary Surgeon

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