What if everything you’ve been told about how to ‘succeed’ in life has led you a merry dance?!

And in fact, you’ve had the steps to your most magical, meaningful life inside you all along?

I’m Helen and I help soulful women who feel empty, even though their lives are full, to live and work in a way that feeds their soul…

…without selling their soul to busyness.

When I tore up the ‘rule’ book that told me I wasn’t going to amount to anything, life is hard and work should be exhausting and career-driven, my entire life transformed as I discovered who I came here to be & started honouring that.

Now I’m passionate about helping others create their own rules too, so that together we make the world a better place.

You have something unique to share. Something only you can bring to the world. And it’s never too late to uncover it.

You can slowly recreate your life step-by-step. Find balance, fulfil your potential, feel at peace and have clarity. You can show up for your life more powerfully than ever before. I know this because I’m living proof… and I’m a normal person like you, who one day woke up and realised life is too short to live in a way that suppresses who you truly are inside.

If you secretly dream of success, better work/life balance, impacting the world in some way by finding out what you’re here for, once and for all, before time runs out, I will show you the way…


‘Thank you for the gift of you! My overwhelm has gone from stress to appreciation for you and this journey. I’m humbled by how much gratitude my heart feels. Thank you so much lovely Helen.’

Aspasia Holley

So Easy...

‘The Zen in Ten Challenge is really life changing. So many brilliant ideas, that can easily become habits, because they are so easy to do/put into practice. Thank you, thank you, thank you Helen, I loved it!’

Karen Solloway

Simple, Yet Impactful

‘Love, love, love this!! I will be using this all the time and it is really going to help me. Can’t believe something so simple can have such an impact!! Thank you xxx’

Melanie Harper

Feeling Inspired

‘So much lately has made me realise how much we take our health for granted and made me want to strive to live better and ‘be’ better! Thank you, thank you, thank you for all you have taught me! I really hope I can one day inspire someone like you inspired me!’

Emma Lonsdale

Different Path..

‘Thanks for being the most amazing mentor for me. In the midst of the storm of my life you held me and I will never forget that. My path is very different to the one I was on when we met and you have played a huge part in that. Love and light and a lifetime of gratitude Helen’

Lynn Palmer

More Present..

‘I am now actively honouring my desire to connect more deeply with my authentic self and gift myself daily non negotiable ‘me’ time. Sounds so simple but I wasn’t doing this before. Already I’m noticing I can tap into a peaceful state more easily and I’m noticing I’m staying more aware and present, noticing more synchronicities and experiencing more alignment with who I really am.’

Shirley Climpson

Space to find answers..

‘Helen is such a calming presence, both face-to-face and over Skype. She asks the right questions to stimulate your deeper thoughts and provides the space for you to think and find answers. I felt calmed, supported and understood, and Helen helped me to use my time more effectively.’

Pat Duckworth

Excited About My Future!

‘Thank you for enabling me to see more and more the gifts that are to be found in being still and going within. I am still learning and know the journey will go on forever, but thank you for giving me a solid ground upon which to build. I am truly excited about what the future holds, but also feel totally at ease to let it gently unfold and trust in the blessings of each new day.’

Viv Grant

Stronger Self-Belief

‘You exude calmness & tranquillity and create a wonderful place where I feel completely safe to be open and vulnerable. You’ve taken me gently into new territory (thank you) & you’ve done that with such grace & respect for where I am now. I’m really grateful for that & especially that you haven’t used ‘woo woo‘ language which would put me off. Because of the work we’ve done, my self-belief is growing stronger. I can’t thank you enough.’

Lesley Pyne

From Fear to Trust

‘I can see and feel the benefits every day in my life. I’m much more relaxed about money and future, much more centred and I’m waking with a happy heart. I’m so much more relaxed and my fears are not taking control over my life. They have transformed into trust. I have found my ways how to fit your advice and recommendations into my life of a mother, lover, entrepreneur , maker and an artist. Thank you thank you thank you again for your love and care it was greatest pleasure to meet you and work with you!’

Vendulka Battais

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