Welcome beautiful soul. Curl up, get cosy and settle in…. you are welcome here…

Have you heard that quiet voice inside urging you to stop and listen to it? The one imploring you to slow down, nourish yourself, do what you love, and give as much back to yourself as you give out to others?

If so, you know deep in your heart, that its time for you to honour this voice, because even though it may lead you down a path that scares you, you know that ignoring it is causing you stress, discomfort and a nagging that will NOT go away.

There comes a time in all our lives when the internal call to fully embody all that you are, becomes too loud and insistent to ignore. 

You’ll know if you’re there. You might try to ignore it – but you will feel as though you’re stuck at an invisible threshold – one that will block you every which way you turn. No way back, but no clear way ahead either… only an inner niggle telling you it’s time to make some aligned changes..

What you don’t know, is where to begin, and how to move forwards…. but you do know that now is your time..

Stop, take a deep breath, be still. You’re here. You’ve acknowledged your inner voice and you’ve begun the process of seeking your own answers. A better way to be is within your grasp… and a calmer life pathway is in sight…

I have been where you are now, and having once walked a tumultuous, stressful path, I have unearthed a much more tranquil path through the forest of my life. With the right support and resources, coupled with a dose of love, I have every faith that you can do this too.

This is the start of your journey along The Tranquil Path…

…an easier journey than you may think, and one I would be honoured to guide you on – so if you just felt a delicious tingle in your heart or belly, don’t ignore it!

Have a leisurely exploration, uncover nourishing resources and get a feel for my work. Allow me to guide you back home to yourself – and get ready to love each step you take along your path…

Hi! I’m Helen Rebello, a grounded soul with a peaceful warrior spirit, providing a calm centre in a whirling busy world. I help stressed-out women find pockets of peace & calm in their busy lives so that they can liberate their life.

“Another world is not only possible, she is on her way. On a quiet day I can hear her breathing.” Arundhati Roy


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